Socially Responsible Manufacturing

Our company believed & actively involved in socially responsible manufacturing and we support our nearby NGO called Karm Marg - Karm Marg is basically a home for kids, one that gives them a shelter, a family-like climate and open doors for instruction, aptitude improvement and job.

Our principle circles of work are:

The running of the home, keeping up a protected environment and giving hygienic facilities to 60 kids of all ages, including six uncommon kids.

Sharpen up their skills and livelihood generation programs for the youngsters and alumni of Karm Marg, and in addition for the ladies who live in towns adjacent. More than 100 alumni right away hold diverse employments - some in workplaces, some with their own business and some meeting expectations for Karm Marg and Jugaad. At Jugaad, more than 200 town ladies have been prepared in this way. Instantly, 70 ladies are employed there.

Leading training projects for different NGOs. Previously, Karm Marg has given preparing in sewing, reusing cotton materials and stationery creation to gatherings from various towns across India.

Leading and taking part in projects that sharpen individuals to issues identifying with youngsters at danger.

We volunteer our time on a month to month premise to contribute towards the advancement of a portion of the extraordinary children at Karm marg.

Also, we reuse of fabric with them to create adornments and toys which can be sold through sister concern JUGAAD and it helps the ladies making these items with work.

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